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Take Action

E-Action: Participate in an action alert to protect our coast.

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Send Comments: Following a specific issue and want to send comments?

Got a Day?

Attend a Coastal Commission Hearing

  • Find the meeting dates and location here
  • Find the issue on the Coastal Commission agenda here
  • Read how to effectively participate below in our Participation Guide.
  • Official Commission rules and procedures are here
California Coastal Commission (CCC)
Meeting Participation Guide

Time: Commission meetings usually start at 8:30am. The Commission takes “general public comment” in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon. Carefully analyze the agenda for items that interest you.

Check In: When you arrive, locate CCC tables outside of the hearing room. If you want to testify, obtain a ‘speaker slip’ from CCC staff; fill out slip and then take it inside the hearing room and give slip to CCC Staff.

Hearing Etiquette:

  • When inside the hearing room, please whisper and be quiet.
  • Turn off cell phones.
  • When coming into hearing room, shut the door quietly.
  • You can hold up signs, but be mindful of people sitting behind you.
  • Avoid making noises.
  • Please avoid clapping after each speaker, even if you support what they are saying – it will help the meeting moves more quickly

Speaking Before the Commission:

  • When speaking say your name, your hometown, who you are, and any ocean related activities you enjoy (e.g. a parent/grandparent, recreational diver, surfer, etc).
  • Have a polite and positive tone–the Commission will be more receptive to your message.
  • Use a personal story or connection. Public speeches are always more effective if you speak from your heart.
  • Use very concise words–pick 2-3 points you want to articulate.
  • If you are part of a larger group, you will want to appoint one person that can speak for your whole group.
  • You will be limited to 3 minutes (sometimes less) to speak; so be prepared to speak for a short amount of time.