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Year 2023
Month June
Location Virtual
Description The Coastal Commission’s June meeting took place virtually over two days on June 7 and 8. The shorter agenda packed several significant votes. The Commission voted to oppose SB 423, an affordable housing bill that would exempt certain coastal development from the Commission’s review, unless it is amended. The Commission also supported AB 80 which creates a working group for monitoring and research impacts to the ocean ecosystem related to offshore wind development. They also approved a correspondence letter from the Commission to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC) elevating the need to address the toxic water quality crisis at the U.S.- Mexico border. Additionally, the meeting resulted in an enforcement item approval, penalizing Malibu homeowners for blocking beach access to Escondido Beach. The homeowners are now required to create a new access pathway and public parking along the Pacific Coast Highway. The meeting resulted in two vote charts.

Issues voted on at this Meeting

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Issue Summary Outcome
Malibu Beach Access - Escondido Beach After a 40-year battle, improved public access to Escondido Beach in Malibu has been secured. The Commission and State Coastal Conservancy collaborated to resolve a long standing dispute with Malibu homeowners, who had obstructed beach access through evading their responsibility to provide a public accessway. The violators agreed to fully fund and construct a beach accessway, as intended by the Commission's 1978 permit allowing development of the area, to mitigate the loss of public access. The estimated value of the resolution, including the Trust's construction costs and Mancuso's penalties, is over $4 million, providing faster construction and a more navigable path to the beach than would otherwise be realized if the violators had not collaborated. This resolution will result in several free beach access parking spaces being provided along the Pacific Coast Highway and a new beach access trail. Green Dot.png
SB 423 - streamlined housing approvals As of the June meeting, SB 423 would repeal the provision in existing law that precludes the streamlined approval process from applying in the coastal zone for multi-family housing projects. It would allow development in wetlands or critical habitat for listed species if development has been authorized by federal or other state law and would undermine Coastal Commission authority. Surfrider and a coalition of other NGOs are also opposing the bill unless this aspect of the bill is amended. Green Dot.png

Vote Chart for this Meeting

Coastal Commission Vote Chart

June 2023 Meeting

Green Dot.png = Positive Conservation Vote         Red Dot.png = Negative Conservation Vote

Commissioner Malibu Beach Access - Escondido BeachSB 423 - streamlined housing approvals
AnnNotthoff.jpg Ann Notthoff Good Vote Good Vote
Nl12c hart.jpg Caryl Hart Good Vote Good Vote
DBochco.jpg Dayna Bochco Good Vote Good Vote
Donne.gif Donne Brownsey Good Vote Good Vote
EffieT-S.png Effie Turnbull-Sanders Good Vote Good Vote
Justincummings.jpg Justin Cummings Good Vote Good Vote
Rice.jpg Katie Rice Absent for Vote Good Vote
Escalante.jpg Linda Escalante Good Vote Good Vote
MeaganHarmon 2020 0116 color corrected.png Meagan Harmon Good Vote Good Vote
Mikewilson.png Mike Wilson Good Vote Good Vote
Palomaaguirre.jpg Paloma Aguirre Good Vote Good Vote
RU.jpg Roberto Uranga Good Vote Good Vote