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Year 2015
Month March
Location Chula Vista, CA
Description The March hearing was held in Chula Vista, CA. Once again, the Commission was faced with another item to preserve lower-cost overnight accommodations.

Issues voted on at this Meeting

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Issue Summary Outcome
Bay City Partners LLC Development This project is uniquely located along the San Gabriel River and adjacent to the ocean in Seal Beach. The application includes ‘subdivision and sale’ of 32 residential lots, a 6.4 acre park, a public easement over a bike bath, and access to parking for recreation. Red Dot.png

Vote Chart for this Meeting

Coastal Commission Vote Chart

March 2015 Meeting

Green Dot.png = Positive Conservation Vote         Red Dot.png = Negative Conservation Vote

Commissioner Bay City Partners LLC Development
CaroleGroom 2012.jpg Carole Groom Bad Vote
DBochco.jpg Dayna Bochco Bad Vote
EffieT-S.png Effie Turnbull-Sanders Bad Vote
Erik-280x300.png Erik Howell Bad Vote
GCox.png Greg Cox Bad Vote
Zimmer.jpg Jana Zimmer Bad Vote
Vargas.jpg Mark Vargas Bad Vote
McClure.jpg Martha McClure Bad Vote
Shallenberger.jpg Mary K. Shallenberger Bad Vote by Alternate
Kinsey.jpg Steve Kinsey Bad Vote
Mitchell.jpg Wendy Mitchell Bad Vote