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Year 2014
Month January
Location San Diego, CA
Description The January hearing covered several complex items that prompted in-depth dialogue amongst the Commission. On Wednesday, the Commission had an important, and lengthy, conversation about the disbursement of grants to local communities to establish and/or update Local Coastal Plans. Another debate centered around a Land Use Plan in Solana Beach, where local residents advocated that seawalls on public land should not be permitted to exist in perpetuity and must be incrementally reviewed to identify and mitigate impacts on beaches and public access. The Commission also approved an oyster aquaculture facility approximately 8.5 miles offshore of Long Beach. The controversial “Ridge” property issue in Huntington Beach that would convert open space to residential development was postponed, at the request of applicant.

Issues voted on at this Meeting

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Issue Summary Outcome
Local Coastal Program Grant Awards for Fiscal Year 2013-2014 In 2013, the Governor and Legislature provided the Commission with $1 million to distribute grants to local governments to support Local Coastal Program (LCP) planning. In August 2013 the Commission adopted funding criteria, stating that project proposals should: include plans to address sea level rise and other effects of climate change; address a demonstrated need; show a likelihood of success; and explain how grant projects could leverage or match funds from other sources. Green Dot.png
Solana Beach Land Use Plan Amendment In November 2013, the City of Solana Beach brought forward amendments to its Land Use Plan (LUP). The Commission denied certification at that time and continued the hearing. At the January hearing, the City returned with LUP amendments relating to: Hazards and Shoreline/Bluff Development, Public Access and Recreation, and New Development definitions. One major amendment proposed the removal of a provision that requires seawalls to be reauthorized after 20 years. Instead, the City wanted to tie the life of the seawall to the life of the structure it protects. Green Dot.png

Vote Chart for this Meeting

Coastal Commission Vote Chart

January 2014 Meeting

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Commissioner Local Coastal Program Grant Awards for Fiscal Year 2013-2014Solana Beach Land Use Plan Amendment
Brennan Brian.jpg Brian Brennan Good Vote Good Vote
CaroleGroom 2012.jpg Carole Groom Good Vote Good Vote
DBochco.jpg Dayna Bochco Good Vote Good Vote
Garcia.png Dr. Robert Garcia Good Vote Good Vote by Alternate
GCox.png Greg Cox Good Vote Good Vote
Zimmer.jpg Jana Zimmer Good Vote Good Vote
Vargas.jpg Mark Vargas Bad Vote Absent for Vote
McClure.jpg Martha McClure Good Vote Good Vote
Shallenberger.jpg Mary K. Shallenberger Good Vote Good Vote
Kinsey.jpg Steve Kinsey Good Vote Good Vote
Mitchell.jpg Wendy Mitchell Bad Vote Good Vote