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Year 2013
Month December
Location San Francisco, CA
Description The December meeting was relatively non-controversial. On Wednesday the Commission unanimously elected new leadership. Steve Kinsey moved up from Vice-Chair to the Chair and Jana Zimmer was elected as Vice-Chair, thus providing leadership from both Northern and Southern California. The Commission ensured that future review of a Pismo Beach seawall, permitted last January to protect a sewage pump station, will consider all Coastal Act policies, including impacts on public access, recreation, sand supply, and marine resources. On Thursday, the Commission meeting was centered around a new draft guidance document for adaptation to sea level rise.

Issues voted on at this Meeting

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Issue Summary Outcome
Pismo Beach Seawall – Army Corps of Engineers In January 2013, the CCC approved a permit for construction of a seawall at St. Andrews sewage pumping station in Pismo Beach. That permit required the Corps or City to return to the Commission in five years with a managed retreat plan and to return again in 20 years to review the permit conditions. At the December hearing, the Corps unsuccessfully tried to limit any future review of the seawall to simply its “physical need” to protect the pump station. Instead, the Commission required that any future review consider “all” of the Coastal Act policies, including impacts on public access, recreation, sand supply, etc. Green Dot.png

Vote Chart for this Meeting

Coastal Commission Vote Chart

December 2013 Meeting

Green Dot.png = Positive Conservation Vote         Red Dot.png = Negative Conservation Vote

Commissioner Pismo Beach Seawall – Army Corps of Engineers
Brennan Brian.jpg Brian Brennan Good Vote
CaroleGroom 2012.jpg Carole Groom Good Vote
DBochco.jpg Dayna Bochco Good Vote
Garcia.png Dr. Robert Garcia Good Vote
GCox.png Greg Cox Good Vote
Zimmer.jpg Jana Zimmer Good Vote
Vargas.jpg Mark Vargas Good Vote
McClure.jpg Martha McClure Good Vote
Shallenberger.jpg Mary K. Shallenberger Good Vote
Kinsey.jpg Steve Kinsey Good Vote
Mitchell.jpg Wendy Mitchell Good Vote