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Welcome to ActCoastal, the California Coast Accountability Project. ActCoastal is a campaign to protect California’s coast by bringing transparency and accountability to the actions of the California Coastal Commission.

September 2022 Hearing Report

The Coastal Commission’s September meeting took place in Pismo Beach on September 7-9. The California Energy Commission Chair, David Hochschild, presented the agency’s plan for renewable energy and included some uplifting projections and lofty goals, worth checking out if you are experiencing climate depression. The Commission found substantial issue with a Dana Point permit for a new beachfront home in harm’s way and approved a seawall repair project in Oceanside. Notably, the Coastal Commission approved Poseidon’s annual work plan for the Carlsbad desalination plant mitigation, which is supposed to finally begin construction this Fall. Included in Poseidon’s update was also a long overdue modification to their Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Plan - to remove language that has long since been deemed misleading and erroneous that the plant would result in one for one reductions of imported water. The Commission also approved the highly controversial Point Reyes National Seashore Water Quality Strategy submitted by the National Parks Service. Finally, the Commission approved Phase 1 of Arcata’s Wastewater Treatment Facilities Improvements Project.

The meeting resulted in two vote charts, for the Point Reyes Water Quality Strategy and the Arcata Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvement Project.

2021 California Coastal Commission Conservation Report Card

No other agency or legislative body holds as much responsibility for California’s beloved beaches as does the Coastal Commission; the Commission’s decisions, month after month, permit by permit, shape the use of our coast and, in the face of sea level rise, the future of our beaches. The California Coastal Commission Report Card strives to ensure that this responsibility is being met by offering a summary and analysis of the commission’s voting record throughout the year based on key high-priority, high-stakes coastal development projects and issues.

Find the 2021 California Coastal Commission Conservation Report Card here.

You can follow us on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, too! As ever, thanks for your support and dedication to access, open space protection and coastal preservation! Please let us know of your coastal concerns – we must all work together to #SaveOurCoast!

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