The Edge Development

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Month December
Year 2015
Summary The proposal originally sought to develop several homes at least 10,000 square feet in size for the last decade in an otherwise undeveloped area of Malibu. During this time, environmental advocates fought the development. Through their efforts, the disturbance area of the project has been reduced by 43 percent, but the fact remains that this development is occurring in environmentally sensitive habitat areas (ESHA).
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Outcome Description There was an atmosphere of relief from the Commissioners as they approved of the updated project, which has been an item in front of the Commission for a long time and duly so. This project, approved by all Commissioners, will be developing otherwise undeveloped land (sensitive habitat) in the Santa Monica Mountains and had been long fought by environmental groups.
Why You Should Care This project is another example of permission being granted to develop sensitive habitat- completely contrary to the protection set forth by the Coastal Act to such land. The area of concern contains some of the last ESHA within the Santa Monica Mountains. The applicant spent several years trying to get around ecological constraints present at the site— and even went as far as pursuing legislation that would expedite the project.
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Decision Type Coastal Development Permit
Staff Recommendation Approval with conditions
Staff Report
Lobbyist/Agent Susan McCabe and Anne Blemker, McCabe & Company
Opposition to Project Heal the Bay
Coastal Act Policies Chapter 3 Policies

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