Sonoma Coast State Park Fees

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Month April
Year 2015
Summary The Department of Parks and Recreation (the Department) is seeking to install pay stations at 15 locations along the Sonoma Coast. In 2013, the Department submitted a proposal to the Board of Supervisors to install the pay stations. The Board unanimously denied the application saying it would undermine sections of the LCP and Coastal Act that require public access. Upon the denial, the Department appealed to the Commission. The Commission held a ‘Substantial Issue” (SI) hearing to determine if SI existed and if the application should ‘go back’ to the local level or stay under Commission jurisdiction.
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Outcome Description The vote was split 6-6. Because this was a SI hearing for a denial of a project, the application will stay with the Commission and a de novo hearing will be held at a future date. This type of hearing is unusual because typical SI hearings are held for approval of projects.
Why You Should Care Concerned members of the public wanted the application to go back to the Board of Supervisors because the local community is heavily invested in the process and the County has worked extensively on the issue to ensure the LCP and Coastal Act are upheld and that public access is not dramatically impacted. For nearly 4 years, community organizations have been attempting to form a relationship with the Department to work cooperatively on the CDP application. Unfortunately the Department was slow to respond and a tight community bond was not solidified. A quote from a recent Op-Ed in The Sonoma County Gazette perfectly summarizes the current situation: “At this point, the ball is State Parks court. They have decisions to make, fences to mend, and information to gather.”
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Decision Type Appeal Substantial Issue
Staff Recommendation Find Substantial Issue
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Opposition to Project Surfrider Foundation, CoastWalk, Board of Supervisors
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Individual vote detail for Issue: Sonoma Coast State Park Fees
Carole GroomGood Vote
Effie Turnbull-SandersBad Vote
Steve KinseyGood Vote
Wendy MitchellBad Vote
Roberto UrangaGood Vote
Martha McClureBad Vote
Erik HowellBad Vote
Dayna BochcoGood Vote
Mark VargasBad Vote
Greg CoxBad Vote
Mary K. ShallenbergerGood Vote
Jana ZimmerGood Vote by Alternate

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