Rydings House

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Month September
Year 2013
Summary Application to construct a 8,200 sq. ft home with four-car garage, nine retaining walls, a pool, spa, private septic system/water main, vineyard, hardscaping, irrigation system and substantial grading.
Outcome Red Dot.png
Outcome Description The Commission voted 9 to 2 to approve. The CCC denied a similar project in 2012. Project applicant asserted the new project footprint and height have been substantially decreased. After extensive debate, Commissioners Zimmer and Shallenberger expressed concerns that project approval would gravely undermine the LUP and voted “no.”
Why You Should Care The property sits on a ridgeline within the Santa Monica Mountains where the local Land Use Plan (LUP) designates this mountain ridge as a “significant ridgeline” relative to scenic coastal resources. Protecting “scenic resources” is a vital component of the LUP primarily because the area contains Environmentally Sensitive Habitat and is increasingly threatened by residential development. This vote not only undermines the protection of scenic resources, but also weakens hard fought improvements to the LUP.
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Decision Type Coastal Development Permit
Staff Recommendation Approval
Staff Report
Lobbyist/Agent Don Schmitz
Opposition to Project
Coastal Act Policies 30251, 30253 and 30231

Applicable Land Use Plan policies: P91, P125, P129, P130, P131, P134, P82, P84, P88

Voting Detail for Rydings House

Individual vote detail for Issue: Rydings House
Greg CoxBad Vote
Wendy MitchellBad Vote
Dr. Robert GarciaAbsent for Vote
Dayna BochcoBad Vote by Alternate
Jana ZimmerGood Vote
Mark VargasBad Vote
Mary K. ShallenbergerGood Vote
Martha McClureBad Vote
Brian BrennanBad Vote
Carole GroomBad Vote
Steve KinseyBad Vote

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