Romney House

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Month October
Year 2013
Summary The City of San Diego to demolish an existing 3,009 square foot residence and construct a new 11,062 square foot, two-story over basement single-family residence with attached 4-car garage, hardscape, and retaining walls, with existing pool, spa, and seawall.
Outcome Red Dot.png
Outcome Description The Commission voted 7 to 4 to deny the appeal based on a finding of no substantial issue. Commissioners Zimmer and Bochco expressed concerns over the City allowing the inclusion of non-buildable beach area to determine the maximum size of the house, the use of beach policies instead of blufftop policies to determine the setback and the limiting of the lateral access easement to passive recreation.
Why You Should Care This project raised a serious question about whether developers should be allowed to use the entire area (square footage) of a public beach to justify the allowable size of a massive private beachfront structure.
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Decision Type CDP Appeal
Staff Recommendation No substantial issue and denial of appeal.
Staff Report
Lobbyist/Agent Matt Peterson
Opposition to Project The appellant claimed property surveys resulted in an erroneous measurement of Romney’s lot size by including approximately 6,000 sq. ft. of the beach and that the scale of the proposed residence was out of character with the surroundings.
Coastal Act Policies 30210, 30211, 30212, 30604

Applicable Land Use Plan policies: Sections of Land Development Code: 113.0103, 131.0446(a), 126.0707, 126.0708, 142.0520, 143.0144, 133.0103, 142.0220. Local Coastal Plan: P 58, 82, P 84, P 90,

Voting Detail for Romney House

Individual vote detail for Issue: Romney House
Steve KinseyBad Vote
Brian BrennanBad Vote
Wendy MitchellGood Vote
Dayna BochcoGood Vote
Jana ZimmerGood Vote
Mary K. ShallenbergerBad Vote
Carole GroomBad Vote
Dr. Robert GarciaBad Vote
Greg CoxBad Vote
Martha McClureGood Vote
Mark VargasBad Vote

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