Pacifica Surf Schools

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Month May
Year 2023
Summary The Coastal Commission unanimously voted to approve the passage of the City of Pacifica’s Coastal Development Permit (CDP), fully authorizing a reformed surf school permitting program at Linda Mar Beach. The permit makes it easier for non profits to take people to the beach - the current permit system favors commercial entities. Administrative shifts to the permitting system in Pacifica will also be accompanied by a 'community surf agreement' amongst the local surf group to foster equity. This campaign was led by Brown Girl Surf, City Surf Project and other organizations that focus on taking groups to the beach that have historically been marginalized, and with the hope that the decision will soon spread beyond Pacifica.
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Outcome Description Commissioner Effie Turnball-Sanders questioned if there is an opportunity in the future to do an environmental justice forum or convening to collect the stories and bring greater attention to these statewide inequalities. Commissioner Paloma Aguirre supported Commissioner Turnbull Sander’s idea and spoke to her personal experience with the effects of localism in the line up. Commissioner Justin Cummings spoke to the exclusion of people of color in the water and supported the critical work nonprofits are doing to bring people of color to the beach. He remarked that this was a historical decision breaking down a barrier to equitable access.
Why You Should Care Many organizations beyond Pacifica have expressed frustration with impossible permitting, "locals only" attitudes, and continued and blatant exclusion. The Coastal Commission’s decision will set a precedent for the rest of California as we continue to work towards removing and dismantling barriers to beach access for all.
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Decision Type Coastal Development Permit
Staff Recommendation Approval with conditions
Staff Report
Opposition to Project
Coastal Act Policies 30210, 30214

Voting Detail for Pacifica Surf Schools

Individual vote detail for Issue: Pacifica Surf Schools
Katie RiceGood Vote
Caryl HartGood Vote
Donne BrownseyGood Vote
Meagan HarmonGood Vote
Paloma AguirreGood Vote
Justin CummingsGood Vote
Dayna BochcoGood Vote
Effie Turnbull-SandersGood Vote
Linda EscalanteGood Vote
Ann NotthoffGood Vote
Mike WilsonAbsent for Vote
Roberto UrangaGood Vote

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