Pacifica Mixed Use Development in ESHA

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Month March
Year 2021
Summary An applicant proposed new mixed-use development on an empty lot on San Pedro Avenue in Pacifica. The development would consist of several buildings including a surf shop, office, storage and residential units, as well as a skate park and parking lot. The site is partially in the Coastal Commission’s original jurisdiction and the City of Pacifica issued a CDP for the portion of development in the City’s jurisdiction. The project site contains environmentally sensitive habitat area (ESHA) and there are wetlands immediately adjacent. The proposed development would also be subject to coastal hazards including shoreline retreat, sea level rise, wave runup and inundation over the expected life of the development and would impact public coastal views. For these reasons, Commissioners reluctantly denied the proposed development within the Coastal Commission’s jurisdiction. The City issued CDP for one mixed-use building on site remains in place.
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Outcome Description While Commissioners lamented denial due to community support, particularly for the surf shop and skate park, they agreed that the sensitive habitat and hazard impacts warranted denial. Expert consultants determined that any development within the site would disrupt ESHA.
Why You Should Care It’s vital to protect California’s remaining sensitive habitat areas and wetlands that support threatened and endangered species. The site also likely serves as an important habitat corridor. Protection of ESHA is explicitly required in sections 30231, 30233 and 30240 of the Coastal Act.
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Decision Type Coastal development permit
Staff Recommendation Denial
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Opposition to Project
Coastal Act Policies Chapter 3

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