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Month September
Year 2013
Summary Appeal by Commissioners Sanchez and Bochco of a CDP of a decision by National City to grant a ‘temporary waiver’ of a permit condition that restricted occupancy of the first floor of a commercial recreation building owned by the Sycuan tribe to high-priority visitor serving uses in order to allow a private, for-profit college to lease the space.
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Outcome Description Commissioners found a Substantial Issue and approved the CDP with additional conditions that limited the non-visitor serving use to 10 years and provided $25,000 to fund an environmental education plan and making the space by making an event center available when the college is not using the space. Some Commissioners felt that the appropriate process would have been for the City to submit an LCP amendment.
Why You Should Care A primary purpose of the Coastal Act is to encourage local communities to implement Local Coastal Plans (LCP) that support municipal planning goals. The approval of this project weakens the LCP goal of increasing recreation and tourism in a city that has been dominated by heavy industrial use.
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Decision Type CDP Appeal
Staff Recommendation Uphold the appeal and deny the de novo permit.
Staff Report
Lobbyist/Agent Marina Gateway LLC/Sycuan Tribe
Opposition to Project
Coastal Act Policies 30213 and 30222.

Applicable Land Use Plan policies: The City’s certified LCP requires the subject site to be developed with tourist commercial, recreational, and/or open space uses. Language included in the LUP Chapter IV Recreation; Section 18.16.020 of the Land Use Code; CHAPTER 4. TOURIST COMMERCIAL RECREATION (sections 4.1 and 4.2).

Voting Detail for Marina Gateway

Individual vote detail for Issue: Marina Gateway
Steve KinseyBad Vote
Jana ZimmerBad Vote
Mark VargasBad Vote
Dayna BochcoBad Vote by Alternate
Dr. Robert GarciaAbsent for Vote
Brian BrennanBad Vote
Greg CoxBad Vote
Carole GroomBad Vote
Mary K. ShallenbergerBad Vote
Wendy MitchellBad Vote
Martha McClureBad Vote

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