City of San Diego Local Coastal Program Amendment Regarding Children’s Pool

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Month August
Year 2014
Summary The City of San Diego sought to revise public access and marine resource protection policies in its Land Use Plan (LUP) to allow a seasonal closure at Children’s Pool Beach in La Jolla during the Harbor Seal pupping season (from December 15 to May 15 of every year). The amendment provides special protection of the Children’s Pool seal population during pupping season. During the five-month closure period, beach access would be prohibited. However the breakwater surrounding the beach area would remain open throughout the year.
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Outcome Description The Commission voted unanimously to approve the LCP amendment. A few Commissioners pointed out the breakwater built in 1931 created a new ecosystem that seals now rely on. Many Commissioners voiced support for the amendment because they claimed it was a good compromise of ‘shared use’ that allows for marine life protection, and still allows public access seven months of the year.
Why You Should Care In the 1990s, harbor seals began to regularly “haul out,” at Children’s Pool Beach in large numbers. As a result, there has been ongoing conflict about how the seals, and their habitat, should be protected and how seals and people should share the beach. This LCP Amendment creates a balance of human and marine life use and will be revisited in five years to analyze the efficacy of the seasonal closures. Less restrictive methods to protect the seals such as a partial rope and public education have failed. During the hearing, Commissioners were provided with videos of humans intentionally and unintentionally harassing the seals and pups. Hopefully the closure during pupping season will cut down on the harassment of seals and the conflict about public access will lessened.
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Decision Type LCP Amendment
Staff Recommendation Approve Staff Report to allow for five-month seasonal closures to protect harbor seals.
Staff Report
Opposition to Project
Coastal Act Policies 30230, 30512, 30210 , 30211, 30212, 30213, 30214, 30220, 30251 and 30604

Voting Detail for City of San Diego Local Coastal Program Amendment Regarding Children’s Pool

Individual vote detail for Issue: City of San Diego Local Coastal Program Amendment Regarding Children’s Pool
Erik HowellGood Vote
Martha McClureGood Vote
Wendy MitchellGood Vote
Mary K. ShallenbergerGood Vote
Dr. Robert GarciaGood Vote
Dayna BochcoGood Vote
Effie Turnbull-SandersGood Vote
Greg CoxGood Vote
Carole GroomGood Vote
Steve KinseyGood Vote
Jana ZimmerGood Vote
Mark VargasGood Vote

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